Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November! Get to know Anna!!

We thought it might be nice to know what other interests outside of Horn that each of the Uber's have. This month we're featuring one of our newest members, Anna Jacobson.

Anna writes:
My interests outside of horn playing fall into two categories: musical and non-musical. When I'm not playing the horn, I'm a fiddler and a Suzuki violin teacher, and I play in a band called Jonas Friddle and the Majority. It's a folk/bluegrass/pop band, and in it, I play fiddle, trumpet, and yes...horn. (But it still counts as a non-horn activity!) In the non-musical category, my main interests are running, gardening, and cooking. I recently ran the Chicago Marathon with my husband, Evan. It was our third marathon, and it was amazing (but painful) to run all over Chicago!
Fiddling with the band

With tomatoes from my garden!

After the marathon