Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Wrap-Up and Suggestions from YOU!

This month, Uber had the privilege of working with Lawrence University's horn studio and alumni during their studio trip to Chicago. What an amazing bunch of students! The morning began with special guest, CSO hornist Oto Carrillo sharing his experiences and wisdom. He kindly let us pick his brain about horn playing, musicianship, and practicing. We then heard from a student quartet and three soloists during our masterclass. The students sounded great and showed maturity and flexibility in taking Uber's suggestions. Uber then played a few pieces, followed by a big, beautiful horn choir with LU students, alumni, and Ubers. 20-some odd horn players make a gorgeous sound together!

As the season winds down and we enter into the summer months, we'll start rehearsing next season's program. We thought it would be fun to arrange a piece ourselves for our upcoming program. We wanted to ask you: what piece (classical, Broadway, pop, country - scratch that last one) have you thought would be fun to play in a horn ensemble but doesn't yet exist? Leave your suggestion in the comments section!

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